Event venues in Jackson, MS

Looking for the Best Venues in Jackson, MS?

Do you want to organize a party or get-together with your favorite friends? Jackson is the perfect city for that. You’ll love its vibrant atmosphere and gorgeous architecture. The big question remains: Where should you have it? In this blog, we’ll tell you why the Historic Fairview Inn is one of the best venues in Jackson, MS, and show you what your party with us can look like! Read on and start planning today.

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Here’s Why The Historic Fairview Inn Is One Of The Best Venues In Jackson, MS

It’s In The Heart Of Jackson

The Historic Fairview Inn is one of the best venues in Jackson, because of its central location! Our splendid boutique hotel is located in the heart of the city—in one of the most charming, historic neighborhoods. Did you know that a famous movie scene was shot here? If you’ve seen “The Help”, you’ll recognize the backdrop immediately! From Fairview Inn, you can walk around and discover some fun neighborhoods like Fondren or Belhaven, then satisfy all the history buffs in your group by visiting numerous museums

It’s The Perfect Setting For Your Social Events

On top of its ideal location, the Historic Fairview Inn also offers a beautiful venue for your social event. If you’re looking for a charming atmosphere and cozy ambiance combined with beautiful decor, look no further. We can accommodate different types of parties like casual barbecues, bachelorettes, feasts, business retreats, weddings, and more! We’ll even cater for you! Choose between our outdoor and indoor options, complete our social event form to tell us more about your event, and start making your vision a reality.

It Offers All The Elegant Amenities You Need

One of the perks of hosting your event at the Historic Fairview Inn is the variety of modern and high-end amenities our boutique hotel offers. We already mentioned that we can cater to your party, but that’s not all. We also have the gorgeous Library Lounge, where you or your guests can enjoy delicious craft cocktails, an elegant restaurant, an in-house spa (if you want to treat yourself to a massage). We also offer beautifully appointed rooms (if you want to stay over and make the magic last longer).

Make Your Celebration A Whole Weekend Getaway! 

Now that you know why the Historic Fairview Inn is the best place to host your event, it’s time to look into making your stay a whole weekend affair. Did you know that we’re one of the top boutique hotels in town? With our exquisite accommodations and impeccable service, you’re bound to enjoy a stress-free weekend full of pampering. What are you waiting for? Start planning your party and stay at the Historic Fairview Inn today!

Fairview Inn Outside View