We Know 7 of the Best Museums in Jackson, MS

As you walk around Jackson, MS, you’ll notice how history lives on in our streets. From our architectural details to vintage allure, the past shines through in every area of this significant Southern town. Enrich your time in the “Crossroads of the South” at one of the interactive museums in Jackson, MS. Whether you consider yourself a history buff or a person who loves to learn, you’ll be delighted by the history of Jackson and the state of Mississippi.

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Here Are 7 of the Best Museums in Jackson, MS

From museums to historic sites, you’ll be taken back in time through interactive exhibits, restored documents, and stunning art forms. In fact, this year is the perfect time to visit our Southern retreat. It’s the Mississippi Bicentennial, a 200-year celebration of our compelling history. Check out our suggestions of which museums in Jackson, MS, are a must visit on your vacation!

Mississippi Museum of Art

The Mississippi Museum of Art boasts modern architecture and is designed to open the mind of its visitors. It’s known as a “museum without walls,” an inviting space where people can freely discuss their experiences in both Jackson and Mississippi. You’ll also see elaborate displays and compelling exhibits decorated with history and culture.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science showcases the native wildlife and plant life to our beloved state. As you walk around the property, you’ll discover six nature trails lined with towering trees and beautiful plants for you explore our scenic landscape. Once inside, you’re sure to find interesting exhibits and living species in the aquarium.

Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum

The Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum offers a place where everyone can learn the deep roots of farming and agriculture in Jackson, MS. You’ll discover several green spaces and outdoor areas dotted across the 37-building property. We encourage everyone to take an afternoon there to enjoy the natural beauty of the Victory Garden and explore the Fitzgerald Collection.

Mississippi Children’s Museum

Enrich your little one’s mind at the Mississippi Children’s Museum. Their motto “We Take Fun Seriously!” translates into each activity. In the large showroom, you’ll see various galleries where you and your child can refine their learning abilities and interact with others.

Old Mississippi State Capitol

Formally known as the Old Capitol Museum, Jackson’s oldest building showcases the first parliamentary seat in Mississippi in 1839. This magnificent historical site bolsters a stunning facade with a dome, manicured lawns, and beautiful artwork in the main halls. If you plan on visiting one of the most beautiful museums in Jackson, MS, it’s only 1.5 miles away from Fairview Inn!  

Eudora Welty House

The Eudora Welty House showcases the literary masterpieces of the late Eudora Welty. The internationally-acclaimed author left her home to the state of Mississippi. She did so not as a memoir to herself, but of her love for literature and the arts. Thus, this National Historic Landmark is lined with works of the greatest novelists and authors from the 20th century.

The Oaks House Museum

Known as “The Oaks,” The Oak House Museum is one of the oldest museums in Jackson, MS. In fact, it is one of the few structures that survived the burning of Jackson during the Civil War. The Oaks showcases the life of four-time mayor, James Harvey Boyd, and his family. You’ll get an inside look at the life of a middle-class family in the mid-19th-century Mississippi farmstead at this Greek Revival-style museum.

Reflect on Your Day at Fairview Inn

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