Take Your Pet On a Vacation at Fairview Inn

Most pet parents understand the struggle of not knowing what to do with their animals when they are out of town. If you have faced that challenge before, then you’re in luck. Fairview Inn is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Jackson, MS! There’s no need to stress anymore; enjoy a serene vacation with your furry best friend and let us make your life easier.

We have two special rooms that you can book if you want to travel with your pet. Reserve our Tack Suite or the Eudora Welty Room and enjoy all the amazing things Jackson, MS, has to offer you and your furbaby!

Here Is Why You Should Bring Your Pet to Jackson, MS

Take a Stroll Downtown

Jackson, Mississippi, is a wonderful city to explore, and it’s even better when you can do it with your best buddy! Take time to roam the streets, admire historic buildings, and discover quaint boutiques and coffee shops. No matter what you choose to do, Jackson is the perfect place to spend a day. Start planning your trip today and find out what else there is to do in downtown Jackson, MS!

Go on a Hike Through the Petrified Forest

For adventure seekers, the Petrified Forest is a unique adventure that you can share with your pet. Hike along the river on a stunning nature trail and admire the remnants of trees that have become fossils. A trip to this forest is both a fun outdoor activity and a magical experience.

Dine at Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Jackson boasts a wide variety of world-class restaurants that serve delicious and authentic Southern food. Best of all, you can bring your pet with you! Some of the city’s most iconic eateries are pet-friendly. Enjoy the best seafood of your life at the Saltine Oyster Bar or check out Iron Horse Grill. They have the juiciest burgers in town, and your pet will love being by your side.

Fairview Inn Pet-Policy

To make sure everyone has the best experience at Fairview Inn, we have certain requirements for you and your pet:

  • $35 dollars pet deposit
  • Pets must be kept on a leash or in a carrier while in the public areas
  • You cannot bring your pet into any food or beverage area on the hotel property
  • Your pet must be securely confined inside of a crate/carrier at all times if you are not present in the room.
  • Please prevent any noise or any other disturbance that your little friend might create
  • Additional cleaning bills or repairs caused by your pet will be charged on your credit card
  • If your pet is responsible for continuous disturbances, you will be asked to make arrangements to house your pet somewhere off the property
  • You assume full responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by your pet

We look forward to hosting you at the Historic Fairview Inn!

Room 09 - Eudora Welty

Eudora Welty Room

Recently renamed and redecorated to honor esteemed the Mississippi native author, the Eudora Welty Room offers a king bed with an additional trundle bed, along with a garden view. Enjoy

Tack Suite

Tack Suite

Located on the lower ground floor of the original carriage house, the Tack Suite offers a four-poster queen bedroom with a separate sitting room and private access through an outdoor