Have the Best Time Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Jackson, MS

Behold Ireland lovers, the best time of the year has come! St Patrick’s Day in Jackson, MS, is full of celebrations and events you do not want to miss, and it’s the best fun! Gather your friends and family and head down south to laugh, dance, dress-up, and drink delicious beers during this fabulous weekend. Take part in one of the largest celebrations in town and admire the iconic parade. It’s an ideal time to discover Jackson and its treasure, for everyone is happy and merry, and fun is in the air! Don’t wait another minute. Start planning your trip to Fairview Inn today and have the best “craic” ever celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Jackson, MS!


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Discover All the Fun Events During St Patrick’s Day in Jackson, MS


St Patrick’s Day in Jackson’s History

It all began more than 40 years ago with a group of friends dressing up and walking down the streets of Jackson all dressed up. Now, St Patrick’s Day is the largest and most anticipated event of the year! It’s gotten so big it’s become a tradition for thousands of visitors and locals who wouldn’t dream of missing it. St Patrick’s Day is a time of joy, where eccentricity and Ireland are celebrated!


Hal’s St. Paddy’s Day Parade

The big highlight of St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Jackson, MS, is the Hal’s St.Paddy’s Day parade. It’s the first one to have ever happened and was the spark that lit the fire a few decades ago. To honor the tradition, Hal’s and Mal’s Cathead distillery team open the parade every year. All generations are welcome and will love the enthusiasm! Dance, sing, jump, and marvel a the floats!


Other Events

On top of the parade, St Patrick’s Day in Jackson, MS, also features numerous activities and events to keep you entertained. A kid and pet parade takes place on Lamar street, and you can even run a 5K if you feel like it!


Food and drinks will be served during the festival! Martin’s Restaurant and Bar is located right in front of the distillery and takes part in the parade. It has a wide selection of craft beers and serves delicious burgers to go along with it. Fenian’s Pub brings on the original Irish luck to the festivities and provides Celtic-inspired food and drinks that you won’t want to miss!


Have a swell time during St Patrick’s day at Fairview Inn

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