Here’s All You Need to Know About the Mississippi Blues Trail

Blues Music was born in Mississippi. Indeed, our state has hosted renowned artists such as Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, and many more. If you are a music lover and want to learn more about this genre, then add the Mississippi Blues Trail to your bucket list! Take an incredible journey through time and discover the locations that shaped the blues. It’s an adventure you won’t forget! Be sure to download our free Vacation Guide for more local recommendations. We’ll tell you about our favorite restaurants, events, shops, museums, outdoor activities, and more.

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Experience The Blues Like Nowhere Else On The Mississippi Blues Trail

What Is The Mississippi Blues Trail?

The story of blues music deserves to be told. To learn about its history, travel the Mississippi Blues Trail and see the most important landmarks where blues was born. Follow the trail markers through the state and discover Mississippi’s beautiful landscapes along the way! This trip is not only about visiting attractions. It’s about seeing the places that inspired the music you love and understanding why it resonates with many generations. After all, blues has inspired rock ’n roll, hip hop, jazz, and R&B, as well as most of the music we listen to today!

Explore Famous Blues Locations

There are so many landmarks to see along the Mississippi Blues Trail. We recommend narrowing your itinerary down to the artists you like the most and what makes sense geographically. Take a look at the trail markers beforehand and plan your day accordingly! If you’re looking for inspiration, here are three places we love:

  1. Follow Muddy Waters’ Footsteps

If you’re a Muddy Waters fan, then this adventure is a must. You can explore the artist’s life and the places that shaped his music. Visit the Muddy Waters Cabin in Clarksdale, Hopson Planting & Co, his birthplace, and more.

  1. Scout the Delta

If you want to learn more about H.C. Speir and Charley Patton, then consider visiting these landmarks:

  1. Back to Trumpet Records

Learn about the fascinating beginnings of Trumpet Records, where legends like Elmore James and Sonny Boy Williamson recorded their music. At one point, it was the fifth largest independent recording studio in the country! After you visit of the studio, make sure you check out the Sonny Boy Williamson Marker.

Discover The Museums

Dive deeper into blues history and stop by the numerous museums along the trail. They provide an excellent break between trail markers and showcase unique artifacts, exhibitions, and movies about the golden era of blues in Mississippi.

Where To Listen To Blues Music In Jackson, MS

When you get back from your trip along the trail, discover the many places in Jackson where you can listen to live music and see the blues in action! The Alamo Theater hosts concerts regularly that you don’t want to miss. (Nat King Cole and Elmore James have even performed here!)

For a more laid-back atmosphere with great food, Hal and Mal’s is the place for you. You can listen to the sound of incredible local musicians, including Jackson Gypsies and Raphael Semmes, and eat delicious local food! Or, visit emblematic blues clubs like F. Jones Corner or Johnny T’s Bistro & Blues. Order a hand-mixed cocktail and get ready for the ultimate, late-night blues experience.

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