Here Are 9 of the Most Fascinating Things to Do in Natchez, MS

The historic capital city of Jackson, MS, is filled with Southern plantations, intricate architecture, and easy access to several quaint towns including Natchez. Plan to spend your day exploring all of the interesting things to do in Natchez, MS. This Southern town hosts a variety of historical sites, outdoor activities, and annual events that will make you glad you visited.

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Top Things to Do in Natchez, MS

Get an early start on your trip and head down to Natchez, MS. The 2-hour drive has scenic views of the Mississippi landscape and authentic Southern charm.

Historical Home Tours

All of the following magnificent historical sites are preserved by the Natchez National Historical Park service and the town of Natchez.

Longwood Mansion

Touring the Longwood home is definitely one the most iconic things to do in Natchez, MS. The beautiful domed, brick manor is often regarded as the crown jewel of the historic properties in Natchez. You can tour the immaculate mansion 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Melrose Mansion

This Colonial-style stately home is regarded as one of the most well-preserved landmarks in this historic town. Melrose was constructed around 1845 and provides a look at the Antebellum South. Plan a tour any day of the week and get your tickets at The Natchez Visitor Center.

Rosalie Mansion, Natchez, MS

The Rosalie Mansion, built in 1823, boasts the Greek Revival architecture that defined homes in the South. This ornate home has an incredible history and served as the Union Army Headquarters during the Civil War. Book a tour to relive the interesting past as you walk around the stunning property.

Outdoor Activities in Natchez MS

Grand Village of the Natchez

Explore the three ceremonial mounds of the Grand Village of the Natchez and discover its rich history. Back in the 17th century, this spot served as the political and religious capital for the Natchez Indians. You’ll experience their interesting culture through interactive exhibits and informative signs.

Natchez-Vidalia Bridge

As you explore this Mississippi town, drive across the Natchez-Vidalia Bridge for a quick trip to Louisiana. This incredible cantilever bridge connects the two states and provides a scenic route over the Mississippi River. If you time it just right, you’ll experience a picturesque sunset from the tallest bridge in Mississippi during this excursion. The bridge is just 1 mile from downtown Natchez!

Natchez Trace Parkway

Hop in your car, roll down the windows, and enjoy the natural beauty as you drive along the Natchez Trace Parkway. This 444-mile stretch of highway is one of the famous things to do in Natchez, MS. The winding road spans from Natchez, MS, all the way Nashville, TN.

Natchez, MS, Events

Spring and Fall Pilgrimage

Each year, there are two Pilgrimages in Natchez, MS. The spring Pilgrimage takes place in March and April while the fall Pilgrimage takes place in September and October. These annual events, which last 5 weeks, showcase the lifestyle of 19th-century culture with costumed performers who lead tours of Antebellum homes.  

Natchez Hot Air Balloon Festival

Every October, plan your trip to experience one of the most amazing things to do in Natchez, MS. This internationally-acclaimed spectacle features balloon flights, live music, fireworks shows, carnival rides, games, and much more. Your eyes will be filled with wonder as you watch hundreds of colors saturate the bright blue sky during the Natchez Hot Air Balloon Festival.

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