Socially Distanced Activities for Warmer Weather

Looking for socially distanced/safe activities to do this time of year? We have you covered with 5 socially distanced outdoor activities!

  1. Have a picnic at the overlook on the reservoir! This is the perfect place to put distance between yourself and others. It has a wonderful view and a relaxing atmosphere!

2. Capital City Kayaks offer kayaking in group tours or solo tours! Spend your evening kayaking for hours with your friends or go solo with their solo tour option!


3. Stop by the Library Lounge and get a drink to sit on the Fairview Inn’s front porch! Secluded and relaxing, our front porch is the best seat in the house!

4. The City of Jackson still has a go-cup ordinance so The district at Eastover, or Aplos has delicious to go drinks and cocktails! You can hangout outside on the green at the District or in Highland Villages courtyard!


5. The bike/walking trails at the reservoir are relaxing and secluded as well! Spend your morning walking or biking the trails for a morning workout or just a spot to clear your head and relax!