Discover the 3 of the Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in Mississippi

Are you looking to spend some quality time with your significant other? If so, we know the best romantic weekend getaways in Mississippi to make you fall in love all over again! Our historic Southern town offers an array of activities for you and your partner to experience together. Whether you choose to walk hand-in-hand exploring Jackson or you want to spend some time relaxing in your luxurious accommodation at our boutique hotel, Jackson, MS, and the Fairview Inn offer the perfect intimate escape.

If you are planning the perfect getaway with your partner, request a copy of our free Jackson Vacation Guide! It lists romantic weekend getaways in Mississippi, local restaurants, area attractions, and historic sites. The guide also includes the details about the relaxing guest rooms and suites at the Fairview Inn!

Reignite the Spark During Romantic Weekend Getaways in Mississippi

One of the best ways to ensure you and your sweetheart stay connected is to spend time together away from your busy everyday life. Our guests love their romantic weekend getaways in Mississippi, from the day trips and attractions to our elegant rooms and amenities. Here are our top 3 suggestions of the romantic weekend getaways in Mississippi!

1. Nomispa

As you plan your intimate weekend together, indulge in the Nomispa at Fairview Inn. Our wonderful oasis offers the most soothing massages, invigorating facials, refreshing body treatments, and exquisite manicures and pedicures. In addition to these amazing services, you’ll become enthralled by the luxurious atmosphere and wonderful aromas filling the air.

2. The Garden of Mynelle Hayward

What once began as a flower shop in the 1920s has grown into the color-rich Garden of Mynelle Hayward. You and your beloved can stroll through this 7-acre paradise and spend the afternoon relaxing the peaceful environment. Since the weather in the Deep South doesn’t ever really get very cold (at least for long), the green grass and colorful flora adorn the gardens year-round. If you plan to visit, plan your trip sometime between February and November when the gardens are open for tours.

3. F. Jones Corner

As you ride in your taxi from Fairview Inn to F. Jones Corner, you’ll be delighted by the stunning, historic buildings decorating our city streets. This lively jazz club offers incredible music, inviting atmosphere, and one of the most romantic weekend getaways in Mississippi. While you are listening to the rhythms and blues, order one of their signature “Eats” and make your meal even better with one of their “Sides & Fried” dishes.

Rekindle the Flame at the Fairview Inn

After discovering 3 of the best romantic weekend getaways in Mississippi, head back the luxurious Fairview Inn. Our exclusive boutique hotel provides you with a full-service experience to make your vacation special. Not only can you book an appointment at Nomispa, but you can also make your date night perfect by indulging in the scrumptious dishes and excellent drinks at our 1908 Provisions restaurant or the Library Lounge.

As you browse our unique Jackson accommodations, we encourage you to check out our Hayloft Suite. This original hayloft in our Carriage House is only accessible by a secluded staircase. You and your loved one can enjoy the privacy and the luxury of this suite as well as unparalleled views of our gorgeous property. Relax in the comfortable king bed or unwind together by soaking in the luxurious Jacuzzi tub. If you want to enhance your stay, even more, add on our Romantic Getaway Package. This special offers a decadent breakfast for two, complimentary bottle of champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries. You’ll also receive a $100 credit to our 1908 Provisions or the Library Lounge. With so many ways to reignite the spark, why wait any longer?

Plan your intimate weekend trip with us today!