5 Road Trips That Pass Through Jackson, MS

Whether you are driving through Jackson, MS to get to the beach with friends, or to spend time with out-of-town family, this summer season is perfect for road trips. We compiled five trips to take that are all less than six and a half hours from Jackson – and we’re letting you know the best places to stop along the way. 


  1. Start in the Dallas, TX area
    • 6 hours (406 miles) 
  • a. Take I-30 E and then continue to US-80 E. Make sure you stop at Buc-ees in Terrell! 
  • b. Shreveport, LA is almost exactly halfway, so stop for a bite to eat at Athena’s Greek and Lebanese Grill (it is only ten minutes out of the way) and stretch your legs. 
  • c. Take I-20 E all the way to Jackson.
  • d. Need a spot to relax while you spend the night in Jackson before heading to your next stop? Try the Leopard Rose Suite. Complete with a king bed, sun room, garden view, and whirlpool tub, what more do you need? 


  1. Start in the Nashville, TN area
    • 6 hours (415 miles)
  • a. Take I-40 W and then merge onto I-240-W. 
  • b. Stop halfway at Café Med, (it is only 15 minutes out of the way) for a stellar Mediterranean lunch. 
  • c. Merge onto I-69 S and then continue onto I-55 S all the way to Jackson. 
  • d. Spend the night in the Spanish Suite before you have to jet off again. Revel in a four-poster queen bed and separate sun room with a garden view and make time to soak in a whirlpool spa tub. 


  1. Start in the Houston, TX area
    • 6.5 hours (441 miles) 
  • a. Follow I-10 E through Beaumont, TX and Lake Charles, LA. 
  • b. The halfway point is Lafayette, LA, so tack on 15 minutes to your trip to visit Olde Tyme Grocery for some authentic po’ boys and snowballs! 
  • c. Continue to follow I-10 E until you get to Hammond, LA and then take I-55 N all the way up to Jackson. 
  • d. Unwind from your day of travel in the Greek Suite before you have to hit the road again. Enjoy a spacious king bedroom, whirlpool spa tub, and separate sun room. 


  1. Start in the Atlanta, GA area 
    • 5.5 hours* (381 miles)  
  • a. You can take I-20 W all the way from Atlanta to Jackson. 
  • b. For a delicious and one-of-a-kind meal along the way, stop by Wasabi Juan’s for sushi burritos. It is only ten minutes out of the way, and trust us, it is well worth it. 
  • c. Rest for the night in the Roman Suite – with a raised queen bed, cozy sitting area, and a whirlpool spa tub, it has everything you need to feel rejuvenated for the drive ahead. 

*Atlanta is in EST and Jackson is in CST, so you technically gain an hour driving to Jackson. 


  1. Start in the Little Rock, AR area
    • 4.5 hours (262 miles) 
  • a. Take I-530 S/US-65 S and continue onto US-425 S/US-65 S.
  • b. Just about halfway to Jackson, you’ll pass Rhoda’s Famous Hot Tamales and you’ll definitely want to stop for lunch. Make sure you have cash on hand, because they are cash only! 
  • c. Continue onto US-278/US-65/US-82 and take MS-438 to US-61 S. Merge onto MS-12 E and then take US-49 S to Jackson. 
  • d. Treat yourself to the Castle Garden Suite and savor a stunning sun room, comfy king bed, and whirlpool tub with separate walk-in shower. 


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