Here Is Why You Should Visit the Museum of Mississippi History

Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”. Winston Churchill


History is what defines a nation and its people, and at the Museum of Mississippi History, you’ll discover how deeply the past impacts our future. As you walk through each exhibition, you are encouraged to explore and dive into the state’s rich historic and cultural heritage. What was it like before America was founded? What did the new world bring and how did it evolve to what we know today? All of these questions and more will be answered. So don’t wait another minute! Visit the Museum of Mississippi History and take a journey through the centuries.


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Travel Back in Time at the Museum of Mississippi History


Explore Mississippi’s Rich Past

The Museum of Mississippi History is a great day activity and the perfect place to learn about the state’s history. Its modern setting is sure to appeal to every generation and will entertain as well as educate. Discover over 15,000 years of Mississippi history and learn about the events that shaped it through innovative exhibits and programs, as well as interactive videos and artifacts.

More than a simple trip to a museum, you are going in for an authentic and active experience. As director Rachel Myers puts it, “The museum reflects history, challenges stereotypes, lifts up voices, highlights heritage and celebrates progress”.


To have a complete experience, we recommend visiting the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. As the sister museum, it will complement your day and bring in more educational value to your visit.



The Museum of Mississippi History is divided into several exhibitions covering different periods of time. You can travel back and experience all the changes that the region went through with eight chronological themes.


  • The First People: 13,000 BC-AD 1518
  • Cultural Crossroads: 1519 – 1798
  • Joining the United States: 1799 – 1832
  • Cotton Kingdom: 1833 – 1865
  • The World Remade: 1866 – 1902
  • Promise and Peril: 1903 – 1927
  • Bringing Hardship: 1928 – 1945
  • Forging Ahead: 1946 – present


At the end of your journey, you are invited to join the bigger picture and tell your own story for the Reflections project. Enter a video booth and share your best memories of Mississippi. It is a fun, interactive way to connect the visitor with the content presented, and if you are lucky, your comments might be added to the general Reflections display.


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