Manager Of The Year

At the Fairview Inn we cherish our employees – especially the ones who go out of their way to help our guests, other employees, and are continuously bettering themselves.


As a year of devastation and challenges is in our rearview (2020), and 2021 being somewhat better, but still not yet back to normal; throughout this time we along with many other businesses have struggled to keep employees. At the Fairview Inn, we have a very close family of employees – ones that we truly admire and appreciate. Each month we have a special employee who gets Employee of the Month – this is a wonderful title to have as it means that the employee is going above and beyond their work load, helping others succeed, and always reliable. Our managers vote on the employee of the month, but one day as we gathered for a meeting, we realized that Managers deserve a title as outstanding as employee of the month – but what if there was an even more superb title? How about… Manager of the year?

We talked it over and eventually came to a conclusion that we as managers would vote on each other anonymously and who ever got the most points wins! Although, I think we all knew who deserved the title immediately.

Meet Emily Chandler, our Guest Services Manager.

Emily has been a valuable team member at the Fairview Inn for three years now. She is very efficient, always going out of her way to help our guests feel comfortable and completely at home. She is so consistent with her work efforts with our guests, from giving them tours while checking in, making their stay relaxing, to creating wonderful details on everything she touches. Emily holds an Associates Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management as well as Hotel Restaurant Management. Her favorite thing about working at the Fairview Inn are the interesting people she meets and forming relationships with our guests! She enjoys hanging out with her family and entertaining her son while she’s not at work. Thank you Emily for all of your hard work!