Your Guide to Exploring Jackson History in Mississippi

Jackson, MS, maintains a delicate balance of outdoor adventures, fascinating culture, and complex past. All of these combines together make our city so special. Being the capital and largest city of the state, our area has experienced a variety of changes and developments throughout the years, each of which has shaped our city into what it is today. Whether you’re a history scholar or just wish to learn more about Jackson history, we recommend adding a trip to one of the many museums on your getaway to Fairview Inn.

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6 of the Best Places to Experience Jackson History

Jackson history is indeed complex and tells the tale of overcoming social adversity. While you’re touring each museum, the knowledgeable tour guides will educate you on the progress made in our Southern city over the years. Keep your mind and heart open to what you’ll hear!

The Two Mississippi Museums

As a part of the Mississippi Bicentennial events in Jackson in 2017, two new museums will open. Maintaining a focus on preserving the most compelling and interesting lessons in our history, the Two Mississippi Museums will highlight the progress we’ve made as a society. Both the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History strives to teach its visitors of these developments through educational programs. Located in the same 200,000-square-foot complex, enjoy the electronic archives, the displays of 22,000 artifacts (some provided by Fairview Inn), and interactive exhibits. You don’t want to miss the ribbon cutting on December 9, 2017!

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

Take a journey through time back to the Roaring Twenties on your tour of the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum! One of the top museums in Jackson, this exhibit hall offers an array of educational activities to enlighten and entertain visitors of all ages. You’ll be taught more about the day-to-day lifestyle of this decade by wandering through their Small Town Mississippi exhibit, take a stroll down their Nature Trail to see local flora and fauna, and observe countless ancient artifacts and memorabilia related to the origins of Jackson, MS.

Old Mississippi State Capitol

One of Mississippi’s most important historic buildings, the Old Capitol Museum marks the site of revolutionary events and actions of Jackson’s past. On a tour of this establishment, you’ll learn about Jackson’s earliest developments, legislative acts, and more at this magnificently restored courthouse. (Some even say it’s haunted by one of its past legislators)!

The Oaks House Museum

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Oaks House Museum is one of the oldest homes in the Magnolia State and showcases quite a bit of Jackson history. Originally constructed in 1853, this Greek Revival home sits on four acres of beautiful land. Whether you walk inside of the home or around the grounds, you’ll get a peek into what homestead life was like in the 20th-century. You’ll also expand your knowledge of the family who lived here, the Boyds (the last name of a former mayor).

The Eudora Welty House and Garden

Eudora Welty was a highly successful, Pulitzer Prize-winning author who lived and wrote wonderful literary masterpieces in her home back in the 1920s. Located in downtown Jackson, MS, tour the Eudora Welty House and Garden to learn more about this distinguished woman and even view some of her original manuscripts. Although this is her home, you’ll find more works written by other famous 20th-century authors from Mississippi, just like in the Library Lounge at Fairview Inn. Eudora Welty was a passionate gardener, as can be see through her many vibrant flowers and plants that bloom here, too. You’ll love exploring this site!

Unwind & Learn Together at Fairview Inn

After you’ve received an overview of Jackson history at one of the many museums of Jackson, head back to the luxurious comfort of Fairview Inn. In fact, our boutique hotel is also a beloved piece of our history and was constructed in 1905. Today, we not only offer beautifully appointed suites, delightful dining, a private lounge, and game room, but we also have our own library of 20th-century authors and other historical works. Choose from exploring the many attractions of downtown or simply enjoying the many relaxing destinations at Fairview Inn. You’re bound to love what we have to offer in our historic haven of Mississippi, so don’t hesitate another moment; check our availability and book your stay today!

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