8 Places You Need to See to Learn About Jackson History

Are you a history buff in search of knowledge? If so, Jackson, MS, is the ideal destination for your next vacation. There aren’t many places in the United States that boast such a rich history and display of culture. Roam the downtown streets from one museum to the next, discover fascinating historical figures and their homes, and hop on the Civil Right Trail or Blues Trail for exciting day trips! No matter what you choose, you’ll feel as if you went back in time and lived Jackson History for yourself. 

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Your Guide to Exploring Jackson History in Mississippi


The Two Mississippi Museums

If there are two Mississippi museums you must see, then they’ve got to be the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History. They’re both modern (they were inaugurated in 2017) and display incredible collections of artifacts and exhibitions you will love. Hop from one interactive presentation to the next as you travel through the decades that molded Mississippi into the state it is today and learn more about American culture. We highly recommend checking out both of them on the same day! 

Old Mississippi State Capitol

The Old Capitol Museum is one of the most iconic buildings in the city and is the landmark where most of Jackson’s revolutionary events took place. Tour the building to learn about the city’s earliest developments, legislative acts, and more at this magnificently restored courthouse. Some even say it’s haunted by one of its past legislators!

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

If nature is something that also interests you, then the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is a must-see. Take a journey through time back to the Roaring Twenties on your tour and partake in educational activities along the way. You’ll be taught more about the day-to-day lifestyle of this decade by wandering through their various exhibits, taking a stroll down their Nature Trail to see local flora and fauna, and observing countless ancient artifacts and memorabilia related to the origins of Jackson.

Day Trips

Civil Rights Trail

One of the best historical experiences you can have while visiting Jackson is to hop in your car and follow the Civil Rights Trail throughout the state. Find the places where important Civil Rights demonstrations and actions took place, including the Tougaloo Nine sitting at the Jackson Public Library, the home of activist Medgar Evers, and many other fascinating landmarks. 

Mississippi Blues Trail

Another great way to discover the history of Jackson is to follow the rhythm. You guessed it: Blues! Mississippi is the home of this revolutionary genre that still influences today’s music. Just like for the Civil Rights Trail, hop on the Mississippi Blues Trail and follow the markers to some of the most iconic spots that helped create this unique sound. 

Historical Houses

Eudora Welty House and Gardens

If you’re a bookworm, then you must have heard about Eudora Welty. This famous and native writer of Mississippi used to live right here in Jackson, and you can tour her house!  As you tour the home, you’ll find information about her life and her Pulitzer-winning works, as well as additional works written by other famous 20th-century authors from Mississippi. When you’re done, head outside to wander through her many vibrant flowers and plants that bloom in the garden.

The Oaks House Museum

The Oaks House Museum is one of the oldest homes in the Magnolia State and showcases quite a bit of Jackson history. It was originally constructed in 1853 and features a strong Greek Revival architecture as well as four acres of beautiful land. Whether you walk inside of the home or around the grounds, you’ll get a peek into what homestead life was like in the 20th century. 

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