6 Reasons Why Intimate Weddings Are Worth It 

While acknowledging the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in nearly every area of our lives, we also appreciate the various silver linings of the restrictions on the numbers of people in groups and travel bans. We’re seeing more and more smaller weddings out of necessity. So, is a smaller wedding worth it? Should a more intimate setting be the backdrop for your big day? We’ve broken down the top six reasons why bigger isn’t always better. 


  1. You really get to talk to and engage with everyone.

When you don’t have hundreds of people around, like that great-great-aunt you don’t really know, you don’t have to be worried about the pressure of remembering names and trying to chat with everyone. This day is about you, and you should be able to enjoy yourself with the people you love (and recognize). 


  1. You can choose a venue that caters to your needs.

Sizing down your wedding can open you up to more options for your venue. Indoor versus outdoor deliberations have become infinitely more important in the COVID-19 age, as many people feel more comfortable outside. Determining how to address social distancing measures can also affect the choice of your venue. And we can’t forget the newest statement accessory – masks. What better giveaway for your guests than a custom mask and sanitizer duo? Etsy has some great ideas for masks for you and your fiancé, bridal party, and guests, plus plenty of cute customized sanitizer.


  1. You can pay attention to smaller details.

From the perfect floral arrangements to a renowned band, to an acclaimed videographer, you can add on extras that your budget might not have necessarily allowed previously. These small details can exponentially enhance your day. To check out some of our preferred vendors, click here. 


  1. You can be more present while getting ready for the big day. 

Less people translates to less stress. You’ll already be hyped up the day of, and what’s most important is that you try to enjoy every moment of the day and savor the special time with your family and friends. A special place to get ready makes this even easier! Our newly renovated bridal parlour is the perfect place for you and your bride tribe to prepare for the day’s events. 


  1. You can Zoom in relatives and friends from far away who can’t travel to the celebration.

With technology now, even if people can’t be there in person, they can be there virtually with you! If older relatives don’t feel comfortable traveling, make sure they’re still part of the celebration by setting up a Zoom call for them. This also applies to anyone who might be taking extra precautions but still doesn’t want to miss out on your big day. 


  1. The typical honeymoon might be a fixture of the past in the COVID-19 era, but you can still start your marriage with a staycation. 

Celebrate with your family, and then enjoy alone time with your new spouse. Staying somewhere that isn’t your own house for a day or two after the wedding can enhance the experience, especially if you aren’t able to travel far. While most of our rooms are perfect for honeymooners, popular picks are the Greek Suite, Spanish Suite, or Magnolia Suite. 


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