Get Spooked at Some of the Best Haunted Places in Jackson, MS!

Do you love feeling shivers down your spine listening to scary stories around a campfire or hearing ominous stories on a ghost tour? If your answer is yes, then you have to visit Jackson, Mississippi! The state’s capital, as well as a few around it, have experienced many eerie encounters with ghosts and other supernatural beings. Learn all about the most haunted places in Jackson, MS, as well as a few others nearby, if you dare, and start planning your trip today!

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Here Are 4 of the Most Haunted Places in Jackson, MS

Old Capitol in Jackson, MS

The oldest building in Jackson, Mississippi, the Old Capitol was used as the state capitol from 1839 to the early 1900s; it now serves as a museum filled with artifacts and exhibits about the area’s history and development. At night, security officers have claimed that they have heard the sounds of thumping and doors closing when no one is in the building; it is rumored that these noises are created by the ghost of a legislator who dropped dead from a heart attack in this very building back in the 1800s.

Chapel of the Cross in Madison, MS

Some of the most beloved ghost stories of Mississippi comes from the Chapel of the Cross in Madison, MS, just minutes from the Jackson area. With a creepy Gothic-style brick exterior, just the sight of this place might give you the chills if you visit at night. Manic laughter is occasionally heard around this site, as well as sounds of an organ playing when no one is there. It’s also said to have one of the most haunted cemeteries in Mississippi; accounts have described glimpses of a young woman crying by a tombstone.  

Piney Grove Baptist Church in Polkville, MS

This is one of the most unusual hauntings around! A ghostly apparition wearing a tuxedo has been spotted on many occasions at the Piney Grove Baptist Church in Polkville, MS, near Jackson; locals say he’s searching for his deceased bride.  

Civil War Sites in Vicksburg, MS

The neighboring town of Vicksburg, MS, is filled with supernatural stories! The Duff Green Mansion, which served as a hospital during the time of the Civil War, is said to be haunted by soldiers who lost their lives here; many guests have also claimed to see a Confederate soldier sitting by the fireplace. Vicksburg Military Park is a stop for many ghost tours, as people say you can still see and hear Civil War soldiers battling here. However, the most popular haunted place you’ll find in Vicksburg, MS, is the McRaven House; known as the most haunted house in the state, this large area was once a Civil War campsite and hospital- and might still be their home today!


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