A Snapshot of Your Downtown Natchez Experience

Saturated by a rich history, colorful sites, and exceptional cuisine, downtown Natchez is simply a sight to behold. Just a short trip down the Natchez Trace Parkway from Jackson, enjoy a pleasant tree-lined drive on this two-lane scenic byway. As you arrive, you’ll be captivated by the serenity setting the tone of this charming small town. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the complex past or immersing yourself in the local culture, a trip to this Southern community will make a marvelous addition to your getaway to Fairview Inn!

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The Top Downtown Natchez Attractions

Downtown Natchez offers a wonderful array of restaurants, historical sites, and shops to explore on your vacation. Here are our recommendations on where to experience!

Tasting the Local Culture

Magnolia Grill offers a selection of gourmet cuisine, all maintaining a complex yet savory flavor profile. It’s nestled a block from the Mississippi River and boasts views of the Natchez-Vidalia Bridge in the distance. In addition, you’ll see a small boat docked off the shore, which is, in fact, a casino! Another wonderful one of the downtown Natchez restaurants is the Biscuits & Blues. Housed in a historic, three-story building, this charming eatery provides you with a delightful dining experience with a fully-stocked bar, hearty portions, and a lively atmosphere. In addition, there are more options for restaurants in Natchez including:     

  • King’s Tavern
  • Natchez Coffee Company
  • Pearl Street Pasta
  • Rolling River Bistro


Highland Village in Jackson, MS

Downtown Natchez shopping is simply wonderful. From Natchez antique stores to specialty stores to unique shops, there’s a selection of great places to purchase a souvenir on your day trip from Jackson. One of the most charming Natchez boutiques and a popular destination for women shoppers is The Pampered Sole. Enjoy a selection premier fashions for women, handmade jewelry, and dresses for any formal occasion, all of which offered at reasonable prices and stunning designs. Other Natchez boutiques include:

  • A Gallerie
  • Darby’s Furniture
  • Magnolia Mall in Natchez, MS
  • Magnolia Mariee
  • Mon Amie Children’s Boutique
  • Moretons Flowerland
  • Mrs. Holder’s Antiques
  • Natchez Mall in Natchez, MS
  • Nest Natchez
  • One of a Kind

Learning About the History 

Experience the wonder of downtown Natchez by scheduling a tour or delighting in a group excursion. Either way, we recommend stopping at some of the historical sites along the way. Begin with a visit to the William Johnson Museum & Visitor Center. Named after “The Barber of Natchez,” you’ll learn about the life of free African Americans in the pre-Civil War time. Continue your tour by visiting other places like:

  • Glen Auburn
  • Magnolia Hall
  • Natchez Museum of African American History and Culture

Other Attractions Outside of the Downtown Area

While you’re exploring the scenic downtown, venture out to experience even more historical, cultural, and culinary destinations!  

Exploring the Outdoors

Nestled along the Natchez Trace Parkway Park, stop off of the side of the road to hike the Natchez Trail. You’ll walk in the footsteps of many famous historical figures including Andrew Jackson and Meriwether Lewis, as well as countless other visitors. While you’re walking, marvel at the stunning nature, soak up the serene atmosphere, and photograph the awe-inspiring beauty of this trail. Reconnect with nature at other area locations including:

  • Duncan Park
  • Grand Village of Natchez
  • Homochitto National Forest

Traveling through HistoryNatchez National Historical Park

Plucked straight from your imagination of Southern architecture, there’s a collection of historic homes, all dressed in quintessential 19th-century charm. One of the most famous properties is the Longwood home. Nestled on the outskirts of this scenic town, it’s known as one of the most iconic places to visit and things to do in Natchez, MS. Commonly referred to as the crown jewel of historical properties in Natchez, this beautiful domed, brick manor towers over the landscape and maintains period-appropriate decor.

Attending Annual Celebrations

Throughout the year, there’s a wonderful assortment of events happening in downtown Natchez and the surrounding area. Some of the most fantastic cultural celebrations are the two Pilgrimages in Natchez, MS. Held annually in March and April, the spring Pilgrimage is held annually in March and April while the fall Pilgrimage occurs during September and October. Each of these events lasts five weeks and features the lifestyle of the Antebellum Period in Mississippi. To complete the experience, the guides are even dressed in the traditional attire! In addition to this exciting event, enjoy the wonder of Natchez throughout the year!

  • Natchez, MS, flea markets | Year-round
  • Food & Wine Festival | July
  • Natchez Balloon Festival | October
  • Angels on the Bluff Cemetery Tour | November
  • Christmas in Natchez | December

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