6 Questions to Ask When Staying at a Boutique Hotel During the COVID-19 Era

As the state and the country reopen, people are ready to finally get out of the house and hit the road for some fresh air. What is important to consider when traveling for the first time? We’ve broken down our top six questions, with plenty of followup inquiries. Here is what you should consider when staying in a bed and breakfast or boutique hotel during the COVID-19 era.  


  1. What requirements are staff abiding by? 

Are staff required to wear masks and/or gloves? Have they been trained on ways to mitigate the spread of illness? What about screening for illness before they come to work? Ensuring staff are encouraged to stay home from work if they feel under the weather is crucial as well. 


  1. Is hand sanitizer or other disinfectant regularly available? 

While many people, (including us!) now travel with hand sanitizer at the ready, it’s always nice to know that it’s available for guests to use. And while COVID-19 related signage, including reminders to wash your hands, may now seem like a staple, the repetition still helps serve as a friendly reminder. 


  1. What are the dining options where you’re staying? 

Can you sit outside? Are the menus single-use, or better yet, are they using digital menus? Are tables being sanitized between each party? Are staff wearing gloves (and changing them appropriately)? Is social distancing readily accessible?  

Restaurants and lodging properties that are a part of the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association (including Fairview Inn and the Library Lounge) are taking part in the Mississippi Restaurant Promise. Read more about what the promise entails here. 


  1. What precautions are being taken in common areas?

Are guests encouraged to wear masks while in public spaces? What changes have been made to cleaning processes and common areas in general? For example, we have an employee dedicated to cleaning high-touch surfaces (think doorknobs, bathrooms, and chairs), and while we miss having a freshly crafted cake in our 24/7 guest lounge, you can still get individually wrapped complimentary homemade cookies.  


  1. What is the check-in process like?

Is there contactless check-in available? What does it look like? Personally, we’ve moved check-in to our lobby, so there is more space to socially distance during a contactless check in. Guests collect their keys which are in an envelope with directions to the room, and are offered a tour and to be escorted to their room if they feel comfortable doing so. 


  1. What safeguards are in place for individual guest rooms?

Are rooms being spaced out as possible to allow ample time in between guests? What is housekeeping doing differently to ensure the cleanliness of each individual guest room? Things like spending more time cleaning in the room, paying special attention to high-touch surfaces like remotes, door and toilet handles, and light switches, and guaranteeing the cleanliness of linens are more important now than ever before. 


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