Attend the Grand Opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum!

Do consider yourself a historian or just have a thirst for knowledge? During your stay with us at Fairview Inn, the history of Jackson, MS, is just outside of our front door. One of the newest places in teaching you about our complex past is the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. In conjunction with the Museum of Mississippi History, these two establishments will open in December 2017 at 222 North StreetIf you are planning a winter getaway to the Magnolia State, a trip to one of these informative institutions will make a great addition!

Before you check in at Fairview Inn, request a copy of our free Vacation Guide to Jackson! You’ll find our suggestions for exhibit halls like the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, as well as delightful eateries and peaceful spas. Our guide also showcases the luxurious accommodations and unique places at Fairview Inn!

Everything You Need to Know About the Museum of Mississippi History

With a myriad of historical sites and fascinating institutes, Jackson has some fascinating history in the South. Before experiencing the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, read our local insights to discover what will be on display at this historic place.

What Are the Two Mississippi Museums?

As our city evolved through time, we have played a pivotal role in shaping and developing Southern culture. To remember our triumphs and challenges, our state government funded $90 million for the construction of the Two Mississippi Museums: the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. This 200,000 square-foot center has a large collection of electronic archives, over 22,000 artifacts and documents on display, and unique educational programs to teach you about our past.

To commemorate the bicentennial of the Magnolia State, the opening of the Two Mississippi Museums is set for December 2017. Mississippi Department of Archives and History operates these two establishments and will have expert staff on-site to answer your questions. Each of these museums strives to educate visitors on the cultural significance and historical progress of our Southern state!

The Collections

As you walk through the revolutionary displays, there are visual representations of the progress made from 1945-1976. The central theme of this historic establishment is to educate you on the “extraordinary struggle to make real America’s promise of equal rights for all.” In addition, a magnificent sculpture and lively music welcome you to the exhibit hall when you first enter. After you experience the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, see the interactive exhibits of the Mississippi Museum of History! You will see personal accounts from residents, as well as learning about the progress of our state. 

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